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This site is all about my passion for reading and trading Historical Romance Books.
As an avid reader, I've been trading books for about 4 years now, and have made a lot of friends all over the world!  So, take a look, if you find something on my trade page you'd like to have, check out my wish list, and email me, and lets see if we can make a trade!
I'll be updating this site frequently as I change my lists, so check back often!
Also, I want to add a special "ATTA BOY" to Mark's Computer Supplies!  I've gotten ink for my printers from him several times, and he's just been the best!  Need ink for your printer?  For the very best in service, email Mark's Computer Supplies, @  mdfarr@cox.net, he's terrific!  He also recycles the ink cartridges, and sends the mailer with the ink!  I've been very happy with his service! 

I am now a member of PaperBackSwap!  Please check out my trade list at http://coy4u255.paperbackswap.com 
Please email me at: sandiash@comcast.net
Thank You!

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Thanks for looking!  I've tried to add a guestbook, but so far, have been unable to, so just email me if you have any comments!