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Regency List

Please remember, I have not read most of these, so when you ask about them, I'll read them, and let you know if they are going to be on my "keeper" shelf.  Most of them won't be, but if you'll notice, there aren't any Mary Balogh, Jo Beverley, Loretta Chase here! LOL!


Anth – My Dashing Groom
Donnelly, Shannon / Simpson, Donna / Solomon, Hayley Ann
Alexander Meg - The Passionate Friends
The Merry Gentleman
The Gentleman’s Demand
Andrew Sylvia -Lord Calthorpe’s Promise
A Very Unusual Governess
Ashford, Jane – The Repentant Rebel
The Reluctant Rake
Bennett, Janice – The Starlight Wish
Blair, Catherine – The Scandalous Miss Delaney
A Family for Gillian
Blayne, Sara –A Noble Deception
An Elusive Guardian
Brendan M / Mr. Trelawney's Proposal
Brown, Diana - Come Be My Love
The Sandalwood Fan
St. Martin's Summer
Buchan, Kate – Black Fox
Buck, Gayle - The Desperate Viscount
The Hidden Heart
Butler, Nancy – The Bartered Heart
Cassidy, Laura – Judith’s Place
A Remembered Love
Clare, Cathleen – A Family Affair
Clark, Norma Lee – The Marriage Mart
Clayton, Alana - A Gifted Lady
Cree, Ann Elizabeth - A Bargain with Fate
Darcy, Clare – Georgina
Davidson, Donna - Elizabeth's Gift
Delmore, Diana – Cassandra
Devon Georgina - The Lord and the Mystery Lady
Devon, Anne – Defiant Mistress
Devon, Marion – Fortunes of the Heart
Ellis Monique - The Colonel’s Courtship
Farr, Diane – Fair Game
Ferguson, Jo Ann – To Price Too High
The Jewel Palace
His Lady Midnight
Greene, Maria – Gentleman Butler
Harries, Eleanor – To Claim a Kingdom
Hern, Candice – A Change of Heart
Herries Anne - The Adventurer's Wife
Lady In Waiting
Lord Ravensdene’s Marriage
Hiatt, Brenda – A Christmas Bride
Huntington, Kate - The Captain's Courtship
Jensen, Emma – A Grand Design
Kingsley, Mary – Scandal’s Lady
Kirkland, Martha - A Gentleman's Deception
The Gallant Gambler
To Catch a Scoundrel
Miss Maitland's Letters
The Seductive Spy
Kohl, Candies – The Rarest Flower
Lane, Allison - The Earl's Revenge
Lang, Emma - The Irish Earl’s Ruse
Lawrence, Nancy – A Noble Rogue
Layton, Edith –The Duke’s Wager
False Angel
The Disdainful Marquis
London Laura:  The Bad Baron's Daughter
Malin, Jennifer – Lord St. Leger’s Find
Marshall, Paula - Not Quite a Gentleman
Matthews, Laura - A Fine Gentleman
Metzger, Barbara - Miss Westlake's Windfall
Michaels, Kasey –The Dubious Miss Dalrymple
The Haunted Miss Hampshire
The Lurid Lady Lockport
The Mischievous Miss Murphy
The Playful Lady Penelope
The Rambunctious Lady Royston
The Wagered Miss Winslow
Mills, Anita – Miss Gordon’s Mistake
O’Brien, Anne – The Runaway Heiress
Oliver, Patricia – The Lady in Grey
Overfield, Joan – Bell of the Ball
Patrick, Isabella – The Dark Stranger
Porter, Margaret Evens – Road to Ruin
Putman, Eileen – A Passionate Performance
Rasley, Alicia - Reluctant Lady
Roberts, Meg-Lynn – Rake’s Gambit
Savery, Jeanne – An Independent Lady
Scott, Amanda - The Fickle Fortune Hunter
Lord Lyford's Section
Shaw, Francesca – The Unconventional Miss Dane
Silver, Kate – Anne & the Gentleman
Simpson Donna - A Rake’s Redemption
A Matchmaker's Christmas
A Country Courtship
Lord St. Claire’s Angel
Steward, Lois – A Reluctant Heart
Stewart, Marcy – A Bride for Lord Beaumont
Templeton, Julia – To Honor & Desire
Wolf Joan - The Rebellious Ward
The American Duchess